THE 3 A’s

As a candidate, and especially as a legislator, I must insist on adhering to what I have coined as ‘the three A’s’… Accessible, Approachable, and Accountable. I must have all 3 to be successful.

ACCESSIBLE: First, I have to be accessible. Being accessible means that you can reach me. I can be contacted. Whether you reach out to me on Facebook, e-mail, or “contact Mark” forms on this website. You reach directly out to me. I strongly believe that voter replies are my job, both as a candidate, and ultimately as a legislator. Your contact will be directly with me – not with a staffer. I will not delegate voter contact. Not as a candidate. Not as a legislator.

APPROACHABLE: Secondly, I have to be willing to be approached, about anything. I am the type of person that will talk with anybody about anything. I truly enjoy being approached by voters whom have concerns. I enjoy listening to what they think. I enjoy gathering their input. I am not the type of person who only talks to suits. In fact, it is rare to see me in a suit. I prefer to talk to anybody, suit or t-shirt.

ACCOUNTABLE: Lastly, I have to be willing to be held accountable. I want to be held to account. If I have the distinct honor, and true privilege of representing this great district, I will insist on being true to the tenants of my campaign. I will insist on talking with voters. I will insist on remaining contactable. If I fail, I want to be held to account. If I am elected and do not uphold the tenants I maintained on the campaign trail – vote me out. I want my feet to be held to the fire on the cornerstones of my campaign.


Ways to reach out to Mark right now:

Facebook: @mchughforiowa
Twitter: @McHughForIowa
US Mail: McHugh For Iowa, PO Box 105, Sheldon, Iowa 51201

Agree with me? Disagree with me? Either way is fine – let me know and I will be glad to listen to what you have to say!