Why I’m Running

Monday I was at work, and I was excited having just announced my candidacy. A gentleman I work with walked up to me and asked what I did over the weekend. I was excited to tell him about my announcement kicking off my campaign for Iowa House District 3. He asked how it worked, and I told him about how my theme of the campaign is Listening to You. I pointed out that I began after I heard from a reliable source that the current representative was not going to be seeking reelection in 2020. When I mentioned the representative’s name, this gentleman said he didn’t know who that was. To which, I promptly looked him in the eye and said “THAT! That right there! THAT is why I am running!” I feel that if the elected official makes so little contact with the voter that the voter doesn’t even know the elected official’s position based off hearing their name… then that elected official is not keeping in touch and therefore not listening to the voter. If the voter is not being listened to, their voice is not being represented. After being elected, this will not happen to me. I will continue to listen to the voters – well outside of campaign season. I am running to Listen to You!