Get to Know Mark

Take a moment to get to know Mark.

Agricultural Roots

Growing up on a farm west of Royal, Mark learned at an early age how to work hard, raising cattle, and growing corn and soybeans.


Mark decided at a young age that he would engage in service to his Country and State. He enlisted in the Iowa Army National Guard before his senior year in High School. He served in Operation Noble Eagle II, and prepped numerous other units for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom before receiving an honorable discharge.


Mark and his wife, Tabitha, live in Sheldon with their two children, Hayden, whom attends Sheldon Middle School, and Aspyn whom attends East Elementary.


Mark has never been a stranger to hard work. He is never afraid to get his hands dirty. In addition to starting work on his family farm, Mark started working for Hy-Vee, bagging groceries when he was 14. He worked at the Estherville Hospital as a housekeeper after his work being activated in the military. Mark worked for Walmart in Spirit Lake, Joplin Missouri, Pittsburg Kansas, and Spencer, climbing his way into Management before deciding to take his current position at Rosenboom Machine and Tool in Sheldon.

More about Me


I have long felt that our elected leaders are oftentimes difficult to approach. Maybe they are too busy. Maybe they always have something better to do. I am approachable and will take time to listen to your concerns. I take pride in always listening, even when we may not agree on policy, I will always listen to your point of view, and reflect that in policy decisions. Want to know where I stand on a few issues? Head on over to the “Positions” page and take a look. Want to talk about other issues? Shoot me a message, I would love to talk, hear your point of view, and learn about issues that concern you. Grab a coffee, I prefer a Diet Pepsi, and let’s have a chat. Let’s get some work done for Iowa.