Position: Veteran’s Issues

The veterans of our military services have put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. They have dedicated their lives to their country and deserve to be recognized for their commitment.” ~Judd Gregg

Recognizing our veterans needs to be a top priority. Our veterans agreed to put themselves to risk for service to their State and Country. We need to be sure to not fall short in recognition of the families of veterans. So often it’s the military spouses that fill in both sets of shoes while their soldier, airman, sailor, or Marine depart to do the needs of the nation. They also have sacrifice, and deserve to be recognized for this.

On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, let it be our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind.” ~Dan Lipinski

As veterans return home, they oftentimes carry with them issues such as PTSD, TBI, and other injuries. Some seen, some hidden. It is our responsibility as a grateful nation to be sure that they are taken care of. We need to make sure that those with injuries, visible and invisible, that occurred while serving our State and Nation are taken care of.

We need to work to expand benefits to our veterans. For example, according to financial expert, Dave Ramsey, the veteran’s home loan program is substandard in it’s rates and fees when compared to conventional, and FHA loans. This is unacceptable. We owe our veterans better than to deal them the a poor deal, and call it a benefit.

As a veteran myself, I am certain that I will keep my eye on veteran’s issues.


Agree with me? Disagree with me? Either way is fine – let me know and I will be glad to listen to what you have to say!